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My life is perfect. At least, in my books and in my head it is. Reality, not so much.

As a best-selling romance author, I expected more bulging biceps, hot dates, and happily ever afters. Instead, I’m faced with a revolving door of deadbeat boyfriends, swiping misfortunes, and failed relationships.

So, of course the universe would send me pain-in-the-ass Carson Calloway in a moment like this—Mr. Sexy, Scandalous Crime Writer—not to mention, my childhood best friend who stomped all over my teenage heart and left it for dead ten years ago.

What was supposed to be a week-long writing retreat to reignite my passion on the pages, is starting to feel like a massive game of chicken.

I know better than to trust Carson’s wicked smiles.
I know better than to give second chances.
I know better than to fall for the bad boy…. again.

But no one loves fixing a broken man like I do. And Carson knows all the secrets to drawing out this good girl’s bad behavior.

This book was previously titled Miss Behaved. Only the title/cover have changed. The story is the same.

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