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Content/Trigger Warnings

My characters are human and flawed. As such, some content in my books might not be safe to those sensitive to certain subject matter. Below you will find the content/trigger warnings for my books. If these matters affect you in a negative way, these books may not be a good fit for you.

PLEASE ONLY LOOK if you are okay with spoilers.



MISS MATCHED: Explicit sex, profanity, family death (off page)

MISS BEHAVED: Explicit sex, profanity, family death (off page), child abuse (off page), abuse from a family member (on page when MMC is 18), infidelity (not between FMC and MMC)

MISS UNDERSTOOD: Explicit sex, profanity, mentions of infidelity (not between the FMC and MMC), family death (off page)


HEART BREAK HER: Explicit sex, excessive profanity, drug use and addiction, death of a family member, mental health struggles, physical assault, MMC kisses another woman after he has met the FMC but prior to them being in a relationship

FOREVER AND EVER: Explicit sex, excessive profanity, drug use and addiction, mentions of death, attempted suicide, MMC and FMC have sex with other people prior to entering a relationship with each other (no cheating or sharing), fertility struggles, miscarriage

HEART OF A REBEL: Explicit sex, excessive profanity, drug use, drug addiction, sexual assault (on page), mentions of death, stalking, kidnapping, physical assault

WORTH THE TROUBLE: Explicit sex, excessive profanity, drug use, sexual acts in front of others, breath play, bondage, child abuse, physical assault, eating disorders, mental health struggles, violence


Thank you

If any of the above subjects impact you negatively, the series may not be for you. As always, I aim to keep my characters human, with real struggles, and real triumphs. This can sometimes mean addressing hard topics, and I try to always do so with an open mind and an open heart.

- Eva

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