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My characters are human and flawed. As such, some content in my books might not be safe to those sensitive to certain subject matter. Below you will find the content/trigger warnings for my books.


Anything listed below is either discussed or depicted on page, often graphically. Do not take these warnings lightly. If the subjects below affect you negatively, my books may not be a good fit for you.


(All books listed below are 18+ only)




HEART BREAK HER: Explicit sex, excessive profanity, drug use and addiction, death of a family member, mental health struggles, physical assault, MMC kisses another woman after he has met the FMC but prior to them being in a relationship

FOREVER AND EVER: Explicit sex, excessive profanity, drug use and addiction, mentions of death, attempted suicide, MMC and FMC have sex with other people prior to entering a relationship with each other (no cheating or sharing), fertility struggles, miscarriage

HEART OF A REBEL: Explicit sex, excessive profanity, drug use, drug addiction, sexual assault (on page), mentions of family and friend death, loss during war, PTSD, stalking, kidnapping, physical assault

WORTH THE TROUBLE: Explicit sex, excessive profanity, drug use, sexual acts in front of others, breath play, bondage, child abuse, physical assault, eating disorders, forced food restriction by family members, mentions of infidelity (not between MMC and FMC), mental health struggles, violence


LIES LIKE LOVE: Explicit sex, excessive profanity, morally grey and possessive hero who harms/murders for the heroine, stepbrother/stepsister romance, sex with physical restraint and mild breath play, drug use, death, violence, suicide of a family member, sexual assault/exploitation/abuse of a minor (discussed on page but not explicitly shown), blackmail, grooming

HEART SICK HATE: Cheating (FMC is dating MMC's brother the majority of the book due to an arranged marriage situation. FMC and MMC are only intimate with each other), excessive profanity, drug use and addiction, explicit sex, degradation, withholding orgasms, public sex, anal sex, breath play, violence, strangulation, murder, attempted sexual assault of a minor, violent death of family members, thoughts of self harm

COLD HARD TRUTH: Details coming closer to 2024 release

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MISS MATCHED: Explicit sex, profanity, family death (off page)

MISS BEHAVED: Explicit sex, profanity, family death (off page), child abuse (off page), abuse from a family member (on page when MMC is 18), infidelity (not between FMC and MMC)

MISS UNDERSTOOD: Explicit sex, profanity, mentions of infidelity (not between the FMC and MMC), family death (off page)


RECKLESS GAMES: Explicit sex, excessive profanity, public sex acts, anal play, use of sex toys, bondage, withholding orgasms, stalking, spanking, rough/aggressive sex, possessive MMC, grief and mentions of death of family members, murder, violence

RECKLESS PROMISES: More details coming closer to the 2024 release

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Kindle Vella Stories

SAINT: Morally irredeemable MMC, Stalking, murder, explicit sex, excessive profanity, fear kink, torture, dub-con, primal kink, biting, spanking, restrained sex, blood play, breath play, drugging of FMC by MMC, body mutilation, somnophilia, sharing of the FMC

***Additional warnings will be added as story progresses, please review this page for any updates prior to reading new episodes

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