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This is no fairytale...

As the daughter of a biker, I’ve been toe-to-toe with brutal men. I grew up surrounded by violence, so I thought I could survive anything.

Until I learned what it really means to be at the mercy of a monster. One I loved. One I trusted.

Now that I’ve escaped, I refuse to go back.

But when I show up on my brother’s doorstep looking for help, I find myself face to face with Mason Zane.

My protector. My safety. My brother’s apprentice.

A man who reveals my truths and cracks me open. A man who sees the girl I forgot existed.

But Mason has secrets of his own. Demons like the ones I’ve been running from. A tangled web that ties us together in ways we never expect.

Mason might feel like salvation, but this is no fairytale. And I won’t trade one evil for another again.

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