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If I’m looking for trouble, I don’t need a rock star like Noah Hayes to find it. I play the bad girl well enough on my own.

While millions of people might idolize these so-called Rock Gods, I party with them on a daily basis. I know the truth. They’re just as flawed and damaged as the rest of us. So, while Noah’s charms may work on his many groupies, I’m immune.

But ever since Noah first laid eyes on me, it’s been his life mission to get a taste. And what he lacks in discretion, he makes up for in determination. Only, I’m stubborn, I’m angry, and I’m broken in ways he'll never know or understand.

Noah says he's willing to wait for me forever. What he doesn’t realize, is he just might have to.

What to Expect:

🥁 Broken and damaged drummer
🥁 He falls first and HARD
🥁Addiction and dark secrets
🥁She’s grumpy, he’s sunshine
🥁Fiesty tatted FMC
🥁Heart-tugging emotions

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