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Cold Hard Truth Cover.jpg

I saw the future...

Years on the run taught me fate always catches up. And that’s what happened when Sage Jackson found me.  


My destiny. My keeper. My father’s enforcer. 


Sage owes the club a favor, and now that I’m back, it’s his time to pay up. My freedom for his. A task he’s happy to accept when I’m the reason his father is dead. 


Sage swears to protect me. 

To guard me. 

To keep his hands off me. 


He thinks showing me his dark side will make breaking the rules easier to resist.


But the truth is, he isn’t the only one with scars and secrets. And I prefer being at the mercy of a beast over the boredom of dating a prince. 

What to expect:
✔Her father's enforcer
✔MC Prez's daughter
✔The past catching up with them
✔She'll never escape him
✔Hate to love
✔Resident F*ck boy falls HARD
✔Unapologetically HOT

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